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TRAQinform IQ

Every patient is unique and so understanding and predicting their response to cancer treatment can be challenging. This is complicated by the fact that cancer in some areas in the body may respond well to a treatment while other areas in the same body may respond differently.

TRAQinform IQ analyzes your radiology images…
…to create a detailed map of how each area in your body is changing over the course of treatment.

Does TRAQinform IQ technology tell my doctor which treatment I should have?

No. TRAQinform IQ technology shows you and your doctor how each area in the body is changing over the course of treatment (e.g., chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation) so that you can confidently decide next steps, including staying on the current course of treatment, adding another treatment, or switching to a different treatment.

How do I get my PET/CT images analyzed using TRAQinform IQ technology?

Talk with your doctor. Images can easily be sent electronically from your hospital or imaging center to AIQ Solutions. A report detailing your results will then be sent back to your doctor.

Is TRAQinform IQ technology cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?

Yes. TRAQinform IQ software has been cleared by the FDA for clinical use under 510(k) K173444.

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